Know Your Department

No. of Participants 120
Date February 6, 2021
Speakers Dr.S.D Deshmukh,  Dr. Jayant Mahajan,
Prof. Surendra Sutar

The EXTC Department of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology in collaboration with IEEERGIT & IETE-RGIT together brought about the most awaited yet very exciting event of all times. The ‘KNOW YOUR DEPARTMENT’ event took place on 6 th of February, 2021 from 1pm onwards till 2.30pm on Zoom Online platform.

The event commenced with the hosts Ms. Twinkle (An IEEE member) and Ms. Nidhi (An IETE member) addressing the professors and the audiences, the session further continued with Dr.S.D Deshmukh, HOD of the EXTC Dept. briefing the students about the college and the respective courses. The students were given a general and basic idea about the major core subjects which are to be studied, the college infrastructure, faculty and the entire EXTC Department at large. Dr. Deshmukh also brought to light the countless number of job and career opportunities this field offers. He then gave a small introduction of the IEEE Committee and the events conducted by the same. The audiences were eventually made to understand how the bridge gap between college and the industry can be minimized by the Convener of IEEE-RGIT,Dr. Jayant Mahajan.

The session progressed further with Prof. Surendra Sutar speaking about the reasons to join any of the student forums and also the numerous benefits it brings in. This was further more followed by Ms. Adeena Ansari (Publicity Secretary, IEEE) telling the students what IEEE Committee is all about. Also, the students were given a virtual tour of the college through a short video. Then,the technical team of IETE Committee along with Ms. Nidhi gave the students a brief glance of the EXTC Department and also the working of the IETE Committee through a few introductory videos.

The event subsequently moved on with some wise words from Mr. Kunal Pawar, a recent graduate from the very same department. The session was then finally concluded with a small vote of thanks thereby terminated with the National Anthem.

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