Internship on: Iot using Arduino

No. of Participants 100
Date February 20, 2021 till 14th March, 2021
Speakers Mr. Swastik Sharma

The EXTC Department of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology in collaboration with Edverb Learning Pvt. Ltd. organised one month training cum internship program on Iot with Arduino starting from 20th February 2021 till 14th March 2021. The entire session was conducted by Mr. Swastik Sharma the Managing Director and Co-founder of Edverb Learning Pvt. Ltd.

The session covered everything that was necessary for one to learnknow and learn about the topic. The 1st week of this program, Mr. Swastik covered up all the basics of IoT and introduced to the topic further by explaining the theoretical concepts like IoT protocols, network architectures and topologies, their application in IoT.During the 2nd week, the trainer included the basics of digital electronics like the basic binary number system, the microprocessors, Arduino microprocessors, etc. He also introduced the programming language, C++ that would be used in programming the Arduino. The 3rd week eventually provided handson experience of working with Arduino to make many interesting projects. Starting from basic projects like LED control using Arduino UNO and Motion detector using PIR sensor.

The 4th week included projects that are more complex by making the most use of the microprocessor and utilizing the most pins of the UNO. The projects started making use of even more components like the IR sensor and the remote to control the output devices connected to the Arduino. The final step was the implementation of everything that was taught so far in the final project, which was the ‘Smart-Car’ that could automatically detect and avoid obstacles in front of it. Lastly, this internship provided the students with a great perception towards this topic that would definitely be in great use while building their career in fields like Machine learning, Artificial intelligence and their future projects.

The session was then finally concluded with a small vote of thanks thereby terminated with the National Anthem.

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