Deep Dive into Game Industry

No. of Participants 160
Date January 23, 2021
Speakers Mr. Wei Shao,  Mr.Malhar Devasthali

Outscal, one of the best tech learning platforms in association with IEEE RGIT organized a free webinar on the topic “DEEP DIVE INTO GAMING INDUSTRY”. The webinar was held on 23rd January, 2021 with Mr. Wei Shao as the super speaker and Mr.Malhar Devasthali as the second speaker on Zoom, Youtube and LinkedIn platforms respectively.

The session commenced with Mr. Wei Shao giving his introduction , who is currently a gameplay engineer in the ‘GSN Games’ company. The event highlighted the general working of the gaming industry and also the basic qualifications and skills required to get into it. The significance of having a computer science degree in order to reach heights in this very field was also very well clarified by the keynote speaker.

The webinar then focused on the pros and cons of this enormous mega industry. It also brought to light that the gaming industry like any other large industry, is composed of many different businesses of varying sizes, ethos, scope and beyond. There are games with single digit number of developers working out of each other’s homes and there are developers working in massive, planned offices putting out multi-million dollarprojects.

The session also emphasized on how exciting and rewarding game development is as a career path for an aspiring individual. The event then progressed with Mr.Malhar interviewing the chief speaker which was further followed by Mr. Wei Shao answering all of the questions by the host and the audiences as well.

The event was then finally concluded with the speaker giving valuable piece of advice to all the budding game developers and designers and was subsequently terminated with a small vote of thanks.

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