Master Class on Internet Of Things

No. of Participants 120
Date September 23, 22 to September 25, 22
Speakers Mr.Manoj Kavediat

IEEE RGIT, the largest technical committee of RGIT, conducted a Masterclass on IoT for helping the students gain knowledge on implementation of IOT to evaluate their skills and help them with their academic projects by providing hands on training with Node MCU, STM32, RPI, Sensor Interfacing. This workshop was held for a duration of 3 days from 23th to 25th September, 2022, in the seminar hall. Around 100 people attended the 3-Day workshop.
The inaugural day of the workshop began at 11:00am with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp which was followed by the felicitation and introduction of Prof. Manoj Kavedia. He then took the stage and went on by briefly introducing himself and then kick starting the workshop. Prof. Manoj sir gave an overview on IOT and ideas for student's mini projects. Participants were introduced to the first of many sensors going to be used during the course of the workshop. The speaker then moved on to the next key platform i.e., NodeMCU.
Day 2 started with the opening statements made and the agenda for the day laid out by the host at 11:00 am later handing over the reins to the speaker. The speaker provided an overview of how to program and interface the STM32 and DHT11 sensors. He also introduced students to IoT analytics platforms such as ThingSpeak and Blynk IOT. On Day 3, Adafruit IO was introduced to the participants which is a cloud service. The speaker held a friendly competition between the participants for making a project that including a flame sensor and PIR sensor.
At the end of the workshop, Valedictory session was held at 6:00 pm with a vote of thanks by IEEE-RGIT Gen Secy. Sharvari Holkar and announcement of the volunteer of the month. The participants were encouraged from wise words by IEEE-RGIT Counsellor Dr. Sanjay Deshmukh. Prof. Manoj Kavedia concluded the workshop by congratulating all the participants and the organisers for successful completion.

The session was then finally concluded with a small vote of thanks thereby terminated with the National Anthem.

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